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What are the DIY Items?

We are so stoked you asked! These value items are perfect for the do-it- yourselfers out there! Get your portable items delivered to your vacation home for the ultimate vacation experience.

The DIY Backpack Chair is well-built, lightweight, and foldable. Comes with a built in cup and phone holder with a zippered backpack pocket to store your items!

The DIY Umbrella Kit comes with the value 7ft umbrella, an easy-to-use sand

weight to keep your umbrella safe and in place in high winds, a handy sand gopher for easy hole digging, and a convenient carrying bag!

We have some amazing add on items: Bikes, Coolers, Surfboards, Bodyboards, Skim Boards, and more!

How does it work?

Book any of our DIY products to be dropped off at your vacation rental for the duration of your stay and make sure you’re enjoying the beach at maximum stoke!

Your items will be delivered by 10:00 am on your first FULL day at your Folly Beach vacation rental. The property must be occupied by your group to drop off the items.

For pickup, your items must be placed in the same drop-off location cleaned and packed up by 5:00 pm on the last day of your reservation. Items unavailable for scheduled pickup are subject to an additional day of service charge.

There is a 3 day minimum for any DIY reservation.

When should I make my reservation for?

Drop-off and pick-up days MUST be on FULL days where you are occupying the property.

If you check-in to your rental on a Saturday, your first day of service would be Sunday. If you check-out of your rental on a Saturday, your last reservation day should be Friday.

Why should we order the DIY items vs. the Resort items?

The resort items are great for a relaxing day where you don’t have to lift a finger but they do not have the flexibility and value that the DIY items have.

DIY Items allow for you to go to the beach at your own time. Want to stay out until sunset everyday? The DIY items are great for that!

Want to explore on the beach and have the option to bring your items wherever you may go? Perfect! These items are completely portable and easy to carry!

Traveling on a budget? The items have a huge discount from our Resort items!