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An Important Safety Initiative

March 9, 2023
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You may have noticed a green something in the sand that is setup with all of our umbrellas. Ever wondered what that was? Folly Beach Chair Company is actually the first commercial operator in the entire country to utilize and advocate for these important safety devices!

So what is it, you ask?

That green something in the sand is called a beachBUB®, which is a weighted base system for beach umbrellas. This weighted base ensures that, even in high winds, our umbrellas stay put in the sand removing the risk of any possible injury due to a flyaway umbrella. Not only do we set these up with every umbrella we rent, but we are also a member of the Consumer Product and Safety’s Commission’s task force focused on beach umbrella safety. Safety is a priority for us and we hope other commercial operators will also recognize the value in these important safety devices and introduce them into their own operation. Learn more by watching our video all about it!